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Accounting & Financial Management

Overview of the Programme

The finance courses offered here are straight forward and result focused. For rather complicated courses, we would piece them down into manageable sequences which help candidates overcome any obstacles thrown at their way. We would prepare you with the knowledge of the core parts and execute effective performance combining management skills.

Course Modules

  • Corporate Finance Theory and Practice
  • Credit Management and Collection of Receivables
  • Finance for Non Finance Managers
  • Management Accounting Fundamentals
  • Mortgage Banking For Professionals
  • Project Finance Management
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Public Finance Management
  • Risk Assessment and Introduction to Internal Control
  • The Financial Sector: Lessons for the Emerging Economies
  • The Internal Auditor and Fraud
  • Fraud and Corruption Risk Management
  • Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process: Pillar II of Basel Committee

Further information

For more information please contact: info@kicollege.org.uk