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Organizational & Personal Management

Overview of the Programme

You have a broad spectrum to choose from in a variety of comprehensive management courses provided, enabling tailor made courses to suit individual needs. These courses progresses you to a position required by your organisation. Each module is designed to provide the necessary theoretical and analytical skills enhanced to meet today’s competitive business aspects. At the end of the course, with proper study and practice, you would find the core areas and attitude of business tools incorporated into your personal skills.

Course Modules

  • Public Sector Efficiency and Reform
  • Advanced Leadership Skills for Senior Management
  • Advanced Mergers and Acquisition
  • Balanced Scorecard as a Tool for Performance Management
  • Developing Executive Management Capacity
  • Developing Negotiation and Mediation Skills
  • Interpreting and Using Financial Report
  • Managing Change - People and Process
  • Public Healthcare Management
  • Strategic Communication Management
  • Effective Conflict Resolution and Management
  • Effective Institutional and Organizational Development
  • Effective Project Risk Management
  • Essential Management Skills for Executive Secretary and PA
  • Executive Computer Awareness Skills
  • Leading and Managing Virtual and Remote Teams
  • Managing People in Projects
  • Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Quality Management Systems

Further information

For more information please contact: info@kicollege.org.uk