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About Us

We are pleased that you are interested in becoming a student at the Kingsway International College. On campus and off, our students and faculty are deeply engaged with practitioners in the field and with communities at home and abroad, addressing vital issues and making discoveries that can change the world. The Kingsway International College is an independent coeducational institution for local and international students. The college is a destination point for students from different social and ethnic backgrounds.

Kingsway International College has entered into a school of excellence for higher education. Our commitment is in helping pupils to build success into their lives through our experience by offering tuition of the highest standard by professional staff. Kingsway International College is dedicated to preparing its students to meet today’s national and international skill set requirements. Kingsway International College was founded with a vision to become a centre for students from all over the world.

The college with its connections to British educational institutions provides a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and one to four-year courses that seeks to develop in students both analytical and practical thinking of business, and different professional disciplines. Its ultimate goal is to pave the way of all who want to pursue higher qualifications at an affordable cost.

Mission And Values

There are a key set of values and virtues connected with education at Kingsway International College. These include learning, thinking, integrity, honesty, growth and excellence. These values and virtues reflect the general goals and standards of behaviour between graduates at Kingsway International College. Higher education at any institution, in numerous ways, attempts to model and teach those key character virtues which embody these central values. Kingsway International College encourages its students to pursue these values and develop these character virtues as well.

At Kingsway International College, the primary focus of education is teaching these character virtues. Further, becoming an educated person, involves living these virtues throughout one’s life. It is often said that a main goal in education, in this fast paced, highly evolving world is facilitating the development of life-long learners. Since things keep changing so quickly and knowledge is growing exponentially Kingsway International College acknowledges that its students need to keep learning throughout their lives.

  • Kingsway International College has entered into a school of excellence
  • Our commitment is in helping
  • Independent coeducational institution for local and international