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Edexcel BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Overview of the Programme

BTEC Level 7 Professional qualifications in Strategic Management and Leadership are designed to provide focused and specialist vocational short courses, linked to professional body requirements and National Occupational Standards where appropriate, with a clear work-related emphasis. The qualifications provide short vocational programmes of study that meet the individual needs of learners. There is a strong emphasis on practical skills development alongside the development of requisite knowledge and understanding in the sector.

They are particularly suitable for more mature learners who wish to follow a short programme of study that is directly related to their work experience or to an aspect of employment that they wish to move into in due course. On successful completion of these qualifications, national recognition by employers enables learners to progress into or within employment and/or continue their study in the vocational area.

BTEC Professional qualifications are designed to meet a range of different needs. The qualifications offer:

  • Maximum flexibility with a range of different-sized Level 7 programmes
  • The opportunity to certificate smaller blocks of learning designed to motivate learners and encourage widening participation in education and training
  • Courses that may offer preparation for specific jobs when in employment
  • The opportunity to use a range of delivery methods
  • Opportunities for learners to develop skills that support career and professional development
  • Underpinning knowledge, skills and understanding linked, where appropriate, to named NVQs
  • Programmes that can enable progression either to higher levels of study or to other courses at the same level of study

Programme Summary

Qualification Total Units Maximum Credit Total Guided Learning Hours (GLH)
Level 7 10 120 300 Hours
Mandatory Units
Unit Credit Value GLH Unit Code
Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills 10 30 F/602/2058
Professional Development for Strategic Managers 5 10 F/602/2061
Strategic Change Management 10 30 J/602/2062
Optional Units
Strategic Marketing Management 10 30 Y/602/2065
Corporate Communication Strategies 10 30 M/602/2086
Strategic Human Resource Management 10 30 D/602/2326
Managing Financial Principles and Techniques 15 45 A/602/2334
Strategic Planning 15 45 H/602/2330
Research Methods for Strategic Managers 15 20 R/602/2422
Project Development and Implementation for Strategic Managers 20 30 H/602/2425

Entry Requirements

  • Students on the programme will be at least 19 years of age.
  • Students should possess a reasonable standard of English/ Literacy in order to complete the programme (preferably at CEFR B2/ IELTS 6)
  • Students are expected to be working or have previous work-related experience, preferably in a management capacity. Alternatively, students without such work experience, but satisfying the qualification requirements below will still be considered for entry.
  • Students are expected to have achieved either an Undergraduate Degree or an equivalent level Professional qualification.
  • A level 5 or higher qualification in Business and Management may also be considered.

Assessment Method

  • BTEC L-7 consists of 10 units and each unit is delivered in particular learning hours (10 Hours per Credit) comprising formal lecturing, practical and laboratory sessions, seminar discussions; guiding study and research.
  • In the BTEC L-7 assessment method learners are demonstrated considering the learning outcomes of the programme by undertaking range of practical and assessment tasks
  • Assessment practices are explicit, fair and consistent across the institution
  • Assessment procedures are monitored considering programme level and faculties so that they meet the criteria set out by the institution

Benefits of BTEC L-7 Programme

Learners of the BTEC L-7 programme could be beneficiary in the context of both university degree programme and employment as follows:

University Degree Programme

  • BTEC L-7 programme completed candidates are recognised by universities around the world and it is fully accredited and certified by Edexcel qualification
  • BTEC L-7 programme is worth of 120 credits and learners could be transferred to the final year of Master degree course and studying 120 credits full Master degree could be awarded


Skills of L-7 Programmes could be implemented in the workplace to develop management practices, and to face challenging current business environment. Because of these reasons this programme could be the great opportunity for learners to secure good employment.

Course Fee:


Further information

For more details please see: BA035146-BTEC-Prof-L7-StratManLd-Issue2.pdf