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Prospective Students


We are pleased that you are interested in becoming a student at the Kingsway International College. On campus and off, our students and faculty are deeply engaged with practitioners in the field and with communities at home and abroad, addressing vital issues and making discoveries that can change the world. The Kingsway International College is an independent coeducational institution for local and international students. The college is a destination point for students from different social and ethnic backgrounds.

Our commitment is in helping pupils to build success into their lives through our experience by offering tuition of the highest standard by professional staff. Kingsway International College is dedicated to preparing its students to meet today’s national and international skill set requirements. Kingsway International College was founded with a vision to become a centre for students from all over the world.

The college with its connections to British educational institutions provides a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and one to four-year courses that seeks to develop in students both analytical and practical thinking of business, and different professional disciplines. Its ultimate goal is to pave the way of all who want to pursue higher qualifications at an affordable cost.

Office Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Email: info@kicollege.org.uk
  • Website www.kicollege.org.uk

Term Dates:

Term dates vary between programmes. Academic calendar related to your programme will be displayed on the notice boards located at the ground floor near reception area, on the second floor.


New students are expected to enrol for their courses at the beginning of each academic term. If you do not complete enrolment, you will not be permitted to attend classes or access either the library or computer labs. You can enrol at the college and student counsellors will assist you. You must complete the application form to enrol into the programme.

Your application form and fees statement must be signed, dated and returned to the office in person, no later than the course commencement date.

Term Registration

Existing students are required to register for their intended modules/units at the beginning of each semester. Unless you register, you will not be permitted to attend classes.

Completing The Application Form

You must complete ALL relevant sections of the application form and submit us with all the supporting documents specified in the form. Otherwise, this might results in delay in processing your application.

Registration With Awarding Bodies

All new students are required to formally register with their respective awarding body. Please ensure registering with the college does not mean automatic registration with awarding bodies. It is your responsibility to register with the awarding body. However, one of our staff members can help you to register with the awarding body. As soon as you register with the awarding body, you must supply a copy of your registration document to the college.

Withdrawal From The Course

If for any reason you decide to withdraw from your programme of study, you must notify the college in writing. Written notification must be sent to the CEO/or Programme Leader four weeks before the start of the term. We refund half of the tuition fee if the request for a refund reaches the Office four weeks before commencement of the programme of study.

Exemption From Modules/units

Students who are enrolled for an external programme, their exemption is subject to the terms of the relevant awarding bodies.

Course Change Policy

If you wish to change the course for which you have originally enrolled for, you may only change your course up to two weeks after the starts of the semester. You must submit a written application to the Programme Leader or to the CEO to request permission for changing your course, in which you must indicate your reasons for wishing to do so. You may only change your course once such permission has been granted.

Late Enrolment

If you do not enrol within two weeks of your course starting date, your admission may automatically be transferred to the following semester and you will be charged a fee of 100 pounds sterling for late enrolment. However, college may refuse to transfer you to the next semester.

College Regulations For Payment Of Fees

  • A student is not regarded as enrolled at the College unless the College requirements for the payment of fees have been met.
  • Enrolment means acceptance by the student of the College terms and conditions for payment of fees. However, please note, you may have to pay additional fees to your awarding bodies in relation to registration and examination.

Fees Statement

We expect you to pay your full tuition fees for each year. However, if you decide to pay in instalments, you must complete the fee statement. You must ensure that you pay the outstanding fees on time, please note the college may not send any reminder. Unless you pay your outstanding fees, the college reserves the right to stop providing you with all academic and administrative facilities/services.