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Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma for Managers

Overview of the Programme

The Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma for Managers extends on the learning from the Certificate-size qualification to include the development of practical work-based skills and behaviours. It is designed to support both the off-the-job and on-the-job training and development of learners on the Team Leader/ Supervisor apprenticeship programme by helping them to develop and demonstrate the technical knowledge and understanding, skills and behaviours to become competent and successful in a first line management job role.

The Diploma qualification is also suitable for non-apprenticeship learners in employment who wish to upskill or progress their career by achieving a recognised qualification based on current employer recognised standards.

Programme aims

The qualifications give learners the opportunity to:

  • Develop the technical and theoretical knowledge and understanding that underpins competence in in a first line management job role
  • Develop and demonstrate a range of transferable skills and professional behaviours and attributes in the work environment
  • Develop and demonstrate a range of technical management skills to carry out their job role successfully in the work environment
  • Achieve a nationally-recognised Level 3 qualification
  • Develop confidence and readiness for the apprenticeship end-point assessment.
  • Develop their own personal growth and engagement in learning.

Programme Summary

The learner will need to meet the requirements outlined in the table below before Pearson can award the qualification.

  • Minimum number of units that must be achieved: 12
  • Number of guided learning hours that must be achieved: 260
Qualification and Number Total Units Total Guided Qualification Time (TQT)
Level 3 Certificate (603/4160/9) 6 165
Mandatory Units
Unit GLH Level
1. Principles of leadership 25 3
2. Principles of managing operations and budgets 30 3
3. Principles of managing people 25 3
4. Principles of communication and relationship management 30 3
5. Principles of project management 25 3
6. Understanding personal effectiveness as a manager 30 3
7. Leading and developing people 17 3
8. Managing individuals and a team to achieve results 16 3
9. Managing operations and budgets 20 3
10. Communicating and building relationships with others 17 3
11. Managing projects 15 3
12. Managing personal effectiveness in a management role 10 3

Prior knowledge, skills and understanding

No prior knowledge, understanding, skills or qualifications are required for learners to register for these qualifications. For the Diploma sized qualification, learners will need to be on an apprenticeship programme, or be otherwise employed in a first line management role with operational/project responsibilities or responsibility for managing a team to deliver a clearly defined outcome.

Course Assessment

All knowledge units in these qualifications are internally assessed and subject to external standards verification. This means that centres set and mark the final summative assessment for each unit, using the examples and support that Pearson provides.

Course Duration

The Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma for Managers is a Level 3 qualification. It is usually studied full-time over 12 months, or part-time over 18 months.

Progression Route

Learners who achieve the Certificate or Diploma qualification and have met the specified on- programme requirements of the Apprenticeship Standard can progress to end-point assessment and achieving the full apprenticeship certification that confirms competency in first line management roles such as supervisor, team leader, project officer, shift supervisor, foreperson, and shift manager.

With further training and development, learners can progress to more senior management roles such as operational or departmental manager. On completing the Apprenticeship learners can choose to register as Associate members with a relevant management and leadership Professional Body, to support their professional career development and progression.

Course Fee

£2500 (First year Certificate and Second year Diploma)

Further information

For more details please see: Specialist Managers